"Thank you so much for a fun and informative presentation last week. Students responded very positively and I hope to work with you more in the future." 
Teresa E.
Director of Career Services
Campbellsville University 

"It’s my very first semester. Therefore, I have never thought to find a job. During this workshop, I understood a lot of things which are very important for my future life/career."

"The presenter was “real”.  Very  “on topic”.

"Very concise and on point."

"The presenter kept us informed and interested" 

"Gave great examples and tips to get a job"

"Speaker involved individuals with related topics and speaker was very energetic and informative" .

"Thank you for your patience, understanding and hard work!  I know I was a difficult case, having newly relocated to the United States.  But your knowledge and expertise of resumes and interview skills helped me obtain the job we had been discussing.  Before I called you, I must have turned in over 100 applications and resumes with no call-backs or interviews.  I had no idea what I was doing wrong.  Being a stay-at-home Mom for the past 13 years, all I had done was volunteer work....and that was in another country.  You showed me how to market the skills I had acquired as a volunteer and helped put together a beautiful resume for me.  Probably even more daunting were my interview skills.  But you made it seem all-so-easy.  

Thanks again Herb, for all you did for me."

A. Watts

Do you wish to provide those you serve with an increased chance at landing that new job?  The Interview League  can come to you and make that happen.  

One of our experienced professionals will visit your location and share critical information about job search structure, cover letter writing, generation of resumes, how to get past the gatekeepers and mock interview sessions.  

Our team of professionals will provide information that is absolutely necessary for a successful job search.  This can be in a single 90 minute workshop or a series of four (4) 90-minute sessions.  

Our sessions are fun, informative and completed in a very supportive environment. 

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