Business Start-Up

You have finally decided to start your own business.  Some of the items that need to be addressed are as follows:

1. Brainstorm ideas
2. Build a business plan
3. Assess your finances
4. Determine your legal business structure
5. Register with the government and IRS
6. Select your technology
7. Purchase an insurance policy
8. Choose your partners
9. Build your team
10. Brand yourself and advertise
11. Grow your business

Under each of the aforementioned items are at least five (5) additional tasks that need to be addressed.

Our team is here to assist you in moving the process forward.  We bring our knowledge of the start-up process to you so you can focus on other items.  Whether you need us to assist from the very beginning or in just a few key areas, the Interview League is available to provides its expertise wherever required. 

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